Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yet Another Reason to Shop at Amazon.com

The ABA (that's the American Booksellers Assocation) is attacking Mrs. Laura Bush for touting Amazon in a recent television appearance.

Let's approach this as a simple matter of public relations:

1. The ABA is perhaps the most useless organization in Westchester County, if not the country.
2. Amazon is one of the most useful organizations in the world.
3. Laura Bush has an approval rating of roughly 80%.

If #1 attacks #3 for extolling the virtues of #2, who wins?

Monday, July 07, 2003

Will MSNBC Senior Management Survive This Debacle As Well?

I'm betting they will, despite an almost unending string of embarrassing and stupid decisions. Michael Savage was arguably the worst hire in the history of television news.

Three Birdies At The Last

Johnny Miller called it the greatest finish ever in women's golf. Hilary Lunke had to qualify locally and sectionally to earn her spot at the US Women's Open. On 18, she drained a 20-footer to become the US Women's Open Champion.

She had 23 putts over 18 holes on playoff Monday. I'm not sure Jim Furyk could putt better than that.