Sunday, March 24, 2002

What They Really Think

If you ever wonder what the key editors and writers at The New York Times really think -- what their mindset really is -- a reliable bellweather is the every-other-Saturday column of Bill Keller. Keller's column yesterday was particularly revealing. To the text:

"Nor can Mr. Bush be claimed by the culture warriors of the Christian right, although he gave them John Ashcroft and occasionally throws them a steak. The president is not a bigot, or a pessimist."

Which means that in Mr. Keller's opinion, "cultural warriors of the Christian right" are bigots. This is a widely-held view -- indeed, I would argue, a universally held view -- at The New York Times. In general, opposition to the high-minded Timesian view of cultural issues is seen by the Times top writers and editors as evidence of a character defect. If someone is so deranged as to believe that the Second Amendment is every bit as important as the First Amendent, well, we don't even want to go there.

Thanks to the great Mickey Kaus for the heads up on this.