Friday, April 05, 2002

David Feherty Should Be In The Booth

In the run-up to next week's Masters Championship, an editor friend of mine emailed to ask what story might be a good marketing/media Masters "sidebar." Obsessed as I am with media geezers, I wrote back to say that the time had come to hang up Ken Venturi's spikes and replace him with the great David Feherty, who writes a column for Golf Magazine and is an "on-course commentator" for CBS's golf coverage team. Feherty is the best golf commentator around and he has something that most everyone in television lacks; a great sense of humor.

Of course, he's Irish and speaks with a bit of an accent, so he'll never get the job. The focus groups will kill him. But one can always hope. The rumor today is the CBS golf anchor Jim Nantz might replace Bryant Gumbel as the host of whatever they call the CBS morning show. Things are definitely looking up.