Saturday, May 11, 2002

Could It Possibly Be A Good Show?

Readers of Ellisblog know that I have been, ah......uncharitable in my assessment of Media Geezer Louis Rukeyser. A reader says he's not bad:

Dear Mr. Ellis:

A while back I read your geezer alert on Mr. Rukesyer and though nothing of it as I hadn't watched him in ages. Last night, while waiting for Law and Order to come on, I turned him on flipping through the channels. And guess what? The show was good...really good! Don't get me wrong, he had plenty of corny jokes and bags under his eyes that are truly difficult to describe, and his questions were all on paper which he clumsily read (either he's nervous on his new show or he's become the business world's Ralph Kiner) but they were terrific questions regardless, his guests were long sighted and thoughtful and civil in a way I simply can't recall on any current news show. I enjoyed him and his guests outlook more than I ever had watching a CNBC show (which is little more than gossip at this point) and wonder why I haven't watched him all these years. He's the optimist opposite of Barron's Alan Ableson who genuinely dislikes to see investors do well.

I will now be a dedicated watcher, geezer be damned!

Dave H.