Monday, August 19, 2002


"We've never been able to convince the audience: What are we trying to be?" These odd words of wisdom come from a longtime NBC News executive, speaking about the ongoing problems at MSNBC. Assuming he wasn't quoted out of context (which is, I admit, a risky bet), it would seem to me that the question is the answer.

MSNBC is a failure because it is pointless. And everyone knows it. The prime time schedule consists of has-been hacks and weightless fools. Daytime is, if anything, worse. The only thing that works is Imus and that has everything to do with Imus and nothing to do with MSNBC.

Corporate support will soon evaporate. Microsoft no longer discusses it. General Electric says that it wants it turned around or shut down. It won't be turned around by the people who are busy driving it into the ground. So......