Thursday, October 24, 2002

Bad Press

One reader thinks the media should apologize for its performance over the course of the DC Sniper's reign of terror. He writes:

Will the media apologize to Chief Moose? They ought to in a televised ceremony. The pundits and their 'experts" got it wrong at every turn. They were obnoxious and dismissive of Chief Moose and his efforts. They speculated and conjectured. They talked incessantly about "if' and "maybe" and "what if". They patted themselves on the back for no reason whatsoever. Their arguments to justify their words and actions were pure nonsense. They whined and complained. Their "pyschological experts" were buffoons and morons. I can't recall a lower moment in the history of media coverage of a national event. Now I'm sure they'll turn to giving the media credit for the capture. They will assiduously avoid admitting how wrong they were in the entirety of the coverage.

He's not wrong.