Thursday, October 24, 2002

H. Carl McCall To Show

You'll not be surprised to learn that National Democrats, having cleared H.Carl McCall's path to the New York Democratic gubernatorial nomination and having promised him full support in the uphill fight against the incumbent, are now bidding him farewell and telling him that that money they promised him won't be, ah, forthcoming. This message is not being delivered privately to spare Mr. McCall humiliation and public embarrassment. It was delivered yesterday by the Chairman of the DNC to reporters and editors from The New York Times, who helpfully brought it to Mr. McCall's attention by putting it on the front page today. Former President Clinton was called in to administer last rites, lest Mr. McCall not get the message that he is, politically speaking, a corpse.

And speaking of New York, imagine your typical New York State conservative. Put this transcript in front of him or her. And give me one reason, other than party affiliation, why he or she would not vote for Tom Galisano.