Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Front Page News

After 25 years as a member at Augusta National, former CBS Chairman Tom Wyman has resigned in protest. He thought about it for 24.9 years and decided enough was enough. Following is the letter I wrote to Augusta National Chairman Hootie Johnson upon hearing the news of Mr. Wyman's letter of resignation:

Dear Mr. Blowfish:

I think you're a great man. A really, really great man, taking a really, really courageous stand on an important issue of principle. If I was a member at Augusta National, I would support your courageous stance 1000 percent. Yessir. I'd be right there with you, unlike those 75 weasels who Weasel Wyman indicated were plotting against you.

Of course, Mr. Blowfish, I can't support you because I am not (yet) a member. But if I was a member -- if you were to make me a member -- I would support you. And I would consider it an honor to be a member of Augusta National, unlike the Weasels and that cranky bastard and his posse on 43rd Street.

Maybe what I should do is come down there and we could play a little golf. This weekend works for me as does the weekend after that and the weekend after that. Looking a bit further down the road, any weekend in the calendar years 2003 through 2023 works for me. You just let me know what works for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warnest Regards -- JE/je