Monday, January 20, 2003

Are You Sick or Do You Just Hate Your Job?

Lucy Kellaway argues that if you liked your job, you wouldn't call in sick. It's not a column likely to endear her to her colleagues, but it's worth reading. Unfortunately, you must be a subscriber to to read it. Here are the two key graphs:

"When a cold comes - which it does to most adults at least twice a year - there are two things you can do. You either think: oh dear, I seem to be getting a cold. You take some paracetamol or cold treatment of choice, go to work and carry on as normal. Or you abandon yourself to days of mucus misery and loll about at home feeling dreadful.

Which road you take depends in part on how you feel about work. It is often said that busy professional jobs make you stressed and ill and may even kill you. On the contrary, most of them make you well."