Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Ellis Defends The New York Times

Well, International Herald Tribune CEO Peter Goldmark has left with a long, self-serving letter which you can read by clicking here. I thought the New York Times made a mistake breaking up its IHT partnership with The Washington Post, but getting rid of Goldmark was clearly the right move. Let's go to the text of the letter:

This means I am the last publisher of the IHT as an independent newspaper with its own voice and its own international outlook on the world.

There are many issues on which the New York Times and I have disagreed over the past few months, but this is the fundamental one: the end of the IHT as an independent newspaper, with its own voice and its own international outlook.

This is a great loss. The world needs more independent voices, not fewer. And at a time when the world is growing to mistrust America, it needs thoughtful voices and independent perspectives that see the world whole and are not managed from America. So while for me it is a difficult and a sad moment, in the history of the paper it is more than that: it is the end of an era in international journalism that will leave a big hole, just when we need it most.

No wonder they canned him.