Monday, October 27, 2003

Better Luck Next Year

Driving home from Long Island Friday, I was stuck in traffic. What to do? CBS News Radio and WINS had nothing to report. Sean Hannity? FM radio? Not happening. So I ended up on the FAN -- WFAN -- sports talk radio all day long except when Imus is on in the morning.

"Mike and the Mad Dog" were mulling over the demise of the Florida Marlins. Josh Beckett would fold under World Series pressure in Game Six. Rivera would get the saves in Games Six and Seven. The Yankees would triumph again. It was a reminder of the inanity of modern media. Upon hearing it, I knew instantly that the Marlins would win Game Six and that Josh Beckett would pitch a great game.

Which he did. The question that now lingers is: what do the Yankees do next? Mike Lupica has a good summary of the team's dilemna.