Wednesday, February 25, 2004

All True

An Edwards backer and long-time reader e-mails:


It's over. It's been over since Kerry won Virginia and Tennessee. I'll be voting for Edwards in my state's primary on Tuesday, but that's more because I'm less than enchanted with Kerry. I do think Edwards is more electable, and would make a better president, but he still reminds me of a minor-league phenom with great potential but a problem hitting a curve ball. He gives a great speech, although I'm tired of hearing it, and conveys the optimism that Americans like in a president. But he is clearly uncomfortable with foreign policy and avoids the subject - not a good sign in a post 9/11 world. He has been running as a 1992 Clinton, with some posturing on trade, but it's not 1992. And he doesn't have Clinton's aggressive instincts. It's too late for him to attack. He would look hypocritical and desperate. The "Sunny John" persona has been a trap of his own making, although it may serve him well in 2008 if Kerry loses. (I highly doubt Kerry will pick Edwards for veep, especially if he's swept on Tuesday. Kerry won't want to hear what a better campaigner Edwards is, and has written off the South anyway.)

-- Craig A.