Saturday, February 28, 2004

Losing Pretty

William Saletan watched the LAT/CNN Democratic Presidential Debate Thursday night and offered this advice to Senator Edwards afterwards:

I think I speak for many people in the press corps when I say we've been trying harder to get you nominated than you have. Ron Brownstein and Larry King practically begged you tonight to give voters a reason not to choose Kerry. And what was your answer? "He's a good man. ... He'd make a good president." You said your position was the same as Kerry's, even when his position (on amending the Constitution to let foreign-born U.S. citizens become president) was that he hadn't formulated a position. Why don't you save us a lot of time and cut the ad for him, already?

This is the emerging consensus on Senator Edwards; he's weird because he doesn't want to win. Why waste your vote on a weirdo.