Thursday, February 05, 2004

Not That They're Not Objective!

The Wall Street Journal has a report today about the Democratic Presidential nomination campaign that simply has to be read to be believed. In the third paragraph, John Harwood, Jeanne Cummings and Jacob Schlesinger report that "there now is a risk that the race for the nomination could veer in a direction that damages the eventual nominee and aids Mr. Bush in the general election that follows."

God forbid that anything should damage the eventual nominee and aid Mr. Bush! The rest of the article basically warns Senator Edwards to refrain from using negative advertising that might help him actually win the nomination. Don't do it. They'll be really mad if you do.

Other hot political stories in the WSJ today include an assessment of the race from George Soros, noted political analyst, and yet another David Rogers valentine to John Kerry. In Washington, this is called "objective journalism."