Friday, February 20, 2004

Reader E-Mail


Tell me this is true...two democrats are fighting over who is more electable by trying to cast themselves as more different than Clinton...both say they're opposed to Free Trade...even though most economists will tell you that the real thing Clinton/Rubin did to help the 90's economy was to ensure Free Trade through all the (small) decisions of the administration (while making nice with unions)...and that the thing both Bushes (but not Reagan) did to extend their recessions was to allow many small protectionist moves while talking Free Trade... ...meanwhile the guy with the support of the higher income Democrats is the guy who is more strongly taking an anti-NAFTA stand.

In NY and CA, the two most strongly pro-Clinton states, either guy could take this by saying the other one is turning his back on what made America strong when Clinton was President (also pleasing the ghost of Chappaqua).