Sunday, March 07, 2004

Blamed For Everything That Goes Wrong

An e-mail from a friend in the US Army:

Did anybody see NewsFirst International on Tuesday night?. I tuned in at the end of a report from Iraq so I didn't get all the details, but the reporter was visiting a U.S. Combat Support Hospital and talking to the patients and staff. Typical stuff, but with a positive view. (I think the reporter is a Canadian, but I didn't get his name) At the end of his report he covered the arrival of helicopter bringing in another patient, but in this instance the patient was not a soldier but a young (about 4 years old) Iraqi girl. She suffered an accident at home and was burned by boiling water on 30% of her body. The Iraqi doctors reportedly told the parents there was nothing they could do except send her home to die. Somehow, her parents got her to the Americans and that is where the broadcast ended. As the camera showed the girl on the operating table the reporter closed with the following words "… somehow she was brought to the Americans. Blamed for everything that goes wrong. Relied on to make everything right." I share this because that is not only a great turn of phrase, but an excellent summation of our role in Iraq.