Thursday, March 11, 2004

Cell Phones Ringing

This is terrorism:

The bodies of the dead, some with their cellphones ringing unanswered as frantic relatives tried to contact them, were carried away by rescue workers. The wounded, faces bloodied, sat on curbs as buses were pressed into service as ambulances.

One firefighter said he saw 70 bodies along a platform at El Pozo station, just east of downtown Madrid. One corpse had been blown onto the roof.

A total of 10 bombs exploded in a 10-minute span along nine miles of the commuter line - running from Santa Eugenia to the Madrid hub of Atocha - killing 182 people and injuring more than 900, Interior Minister Angel Acebes said.

Police found and detonated three other bombs.

-- from The Associated Press report on the bombings today in Spain.