Monday, March 01, 2004


All the way to Super Tuesday and still no negative ads. A couple of correspondents have pre-emptively complained that Ellisblog has not given Senator Edwards credit for attacking Senator Kerry in yesterday's debate. Ellisblog responds: reciting the Washington Post doesn't cut it. Another correspondent complains that Ellisblog doesn't appreciate the fact that the Edwards campaign has no money to run negative advertising; his is an entirely free media camapign. Ellisblog responds: who says you have to buy time? Just make the ad, buy one placement and let the free media do the rest. Put chum in the water and the sharks will frenzy.

But it's all long since beside the point. Senator Kerry will be the Democratic nominee. Senator Edwards will not be the vice presidential nominee. If the battleground (as seen through Senator Kerry's eyes) is the Middle West, then keep your eye on Evan Bayh (D-IN). He fits three categories: (1) he won't upstage Kerry, (2) he balances Kerry's liberalism, and (3) he creates a problem for President Bush in Indiana.