Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Dear John Edwards Supporter,

We have received reports that some DFLers in Minnesota are receiving automated phone calls today from a woman attacking John Kerry over his support for NAFTA and claiming to support John Edwards. While we have not heard this call ourselves, it is purportedly rather gruff and rude.

Let me be clear: the Edwards for President Campaign does not approve of, and is in no way affiliated with this call.

John Edwards has run a positive campaign, focused on eliminating the two Americas we have today, lifting up middle class families and making sure we have fair, not just free trade policies. John Edwards has said that he will not use negative attacks to advance his campaign or try to tear down other candidates’ campaigns.

I hope this sets the record straight about our view of these negative tactics.

Please remember to be at your DFL precinct caucus tomorrow, Tuesday at 6:30pm and to vote for John Edwards. We appreciate your support very much.


Tom Ziemba

Minnesota State Director

Edwards for President