Friday, June 25, 2004

The End of Jack Ryan

I suspect that it will take more than another week for Jack Ryan to finally come to his senses and withdraw from the Illinois Senate race. Bad news for the Republican Party, which had a shot at this seat. But look on the bright side, the Jay Leno joke contained in this story is pretty good.

It is remarkable how long these things drag on, while the supposedly "brilliant" candidate mulls over a decision that has already been made for him by his core constiutuents. Jack Ryan is deader than twelve smelts and every single person in the political worls knows it. Except for him. See: Rowland, John, Governor of Connecticut.

Update: Wrong! Ryan withdrew shortly after this item was posted. The upshot of the story was not that this was a terrible invasion of Mr. Ryan's privacy (which it was). The upshot was that the Tribune Company will now try to compel the unsealing of Senator Kerry's divorce papers. It gets worse every minute.