Friday, November 19, 2004

The Comeback Kid

But one of the great blessings is the way one-time political adversaries have the tendency to become friends, and I feel such is certainly the case between President Clinton and me.

There's an inescapable bond that binds together all who have lived in the White House. Though we hail from different backgrounds and ideologies, we are singularly unique, even eternally bound, by our common devotion and service to this wonderful country. And that certainly goes for the 42nd president of the United States. And if I might inject a somewhat proud personal opinion here too, that certainly goes for president number 43, too.

When President Clinton experienced his heart trouble recently, there was a tremendous outpouring of affection and support. But in hindsight, perhaps we need not have been too worried. After all, few presidents in recent memory have shown greater resilience and bigger heart.

Every time he got knocked down, which can happen in politics, he got right back up. In fact, he made the comeback his trademark.

And therein lies the greatest lesson ever offered to future generations: Never give up, never give in, keep on fighting.

So, Mr. President, congratulations to you and Hillary and Chelsea on this very special day.

-- Former President George Herbert Walker Bush, at yesterday's dedication of the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.