Monday, March 17, 2008

Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe....

The Democratic Presidential campaign continues. Like most sentient human beings, I hadn't paid much attention to the "preacher controversy" that currently embroils the race. But Paul Burka, the best political writer in Texas, renders the following verdict on what it all means:

I thought that Obama was exempt from racial reactions because he was the Tiger Woods of politics. People looked at him and saw him not as someone who is black, but as someone who transcended race because of his unique skills and accomplishments. Not any more. He just triple bogeyed the presidency. He's done. He was done the day he first heard Wright's outbursts and didn't resign from the congregation. There is no way that the superdelegates will send him out as the Democratic nominee now. The truth is, Obama did fine until the Clinton campaign began to attack him, and then he showed that he just wasn't up to it. Better we find out now than later.

See also John McIntyre's column today at Real Clear Politics.