Thursday, December 25, 2008

Valerie Jarrett

Wasn't the big push to have Valerie Jarrett replace President-elect Obama in the US Senate really all about Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod not wanting her in the White House?  Isn't the white advisors/black advisors one of the unspoken fault lines of influence in the soon-to-be Obama White House?  

I think so!  

Blago ("who has the football?" -- the "football" being his hairbrush) had the opportunity of a lifetime to expand his influence by carrying out their wishes, but he was so blinded by greed and stupidity that he blew it.  Governor David Patterson (D-NY) won't make the same mistake. He's all over the papers saying that he won't be railroaded into appointing Caroline Kennedy.  He will eventually appoint CarolineKennedy, as the Obama team would like, but he will bank that favor and leverage it down the road.