Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google's Ad Sense

Google's little ads in Gmail are very good at reflecting back what I've already purchased. I bought the new sneakers and I bought the new khakis. Which means I don't need little ads from Zappos and Sierra Trader's Outpost telling me about sneaker sales and khaki stores. Been there, done that.

Wouldn't it be better if Google simply asked me what I needed today, this week, next week, next month and then advertised accordingly? That would work for me. For instance, in two months I am going to need golf balls. I would like Google to provide me with links to the cheapest sites for Titleist, Srixon and Bridgestone golf balls. Right there in my Gmail account.

It will never happen. It will only happen after I do the search and find those places myself. And by then, I will have already bought the golf balls.