Monday, February 08, 2010

The Trial of KSM in New York City.

President Obama doesn't seem to understand why holding the KSM trial in NYC is so contentious. In yet another television interview, he says he has not ruled out going forward with what might be called the Holder Plan. You can watch the video here

Let's review the bidding. Option #1: Adjudicate KSM's "case" with a military tribunal. He has already confessed. He has asked to be tried in a military court as an enemy combatant. Grant him that request and, after a formal hearing, off he goes to life in prison. Cost? Not much.

Option #2: Try him in a criminal proceeding in New York City. Result: the cost escalates to as much as $200 million. Lower Manhattan is incredibly inconvenienced for months (and months). Manhattan's economic activity declines. Tourism declines. All at a time when the city is struggling to regain its economic footing and when the city and the state (and the Feds) are dealing with massive deficits.

How can it be that Option #2 is even under consideration?