Monday, January 05, 2004

Specialist James Kiehl

He died in Iraq. This site captures the day he was buried in Center Point, Texas. (link via Andrew Sullivan).

P.S. Wendy C. emails from Dallas: Another interesting thing about Spc. Kiehl is that just 2-3 days before major combat started in Iraq (and, as it turned out, just days before he was killed), he was the subject of a story on our local CBS news affiliate Channel 11 in Dallas. It was a piece about 2 soldiers who wanted their army chaplain to baptize them. He was one of the soldiers. He spoke of his baby who was just a month away from being born. They showed his make-shift baptism and I was touched beyond belief.

Because of that story, I will never forget Spc. James Kiehl and all who serve and sacrifice. And I will never forget the families they leave behind.