Thursday, November 14, 2002

Boston Explained

Hublogger Jay Fitzgerald emails with a simple explanation of the DNC's decision to hold its 2004 presidential nominating convention in Boston. He quotes from an article from The Boston Globe:

"The effort to get the convention began in January, when Menino and Kennedy met with DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe to discuss a bid. McAuliffe wanted an upfront corporate commitment of $20 million, explaining that he was upset by his experience with the 2000 convention in Los Angeles when he had to set aside his hope of becoming US ambassador to Britain in order to raise money due to a last-minute shortfall of $14 million.

" 'He told us the story: He was on his way to London and then on his way to LA,’ Kennedy said in an interview.

"Kennedy and Menino decided the best way to win the convention was to secure financial commitments before the DNC made its decision.