Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Year's Best (cont.)

Best Ad: Honda "parts." (It's #9 on the list of 10)
Best Politix Website: Real Clear Politics
Best Video Rental: Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy.
Best Actor: Johnny Depp.
Best View: Paradise Valley (MT).
Best Bagel: H&H.
Best Nights: Late May.
Best Film Festival: Tribeca.
Worst Columnist: Walter Cronkite.
Geezer Alert Def Con 4: Don Hewitt, threatening to "die at his desk."
Worst Political Argument in a Primary: "Electability."
Best Format, Least Content: IMAX.
Best Front Office Team: The Boston Red Sox.
Best Back Office Team: Goldman Sachs.
Best Grocery Store: Whole Foods.
Best Sneakers: Asics.
Best Shoes: Merrells.
Best Retailer: Wal-Mart, by about nine thousand miles.
Best Customer Service: American Express.
Best Wine Store: Zachy's of Scarsdale, NY.
Best Airplane Paperback: December 6, by Martin Cruz Smith.
Best Cell Phone Company: Verizon Wireless.
Best New Phone Company: Vonage.
Best SUV: Chevy Tahoe.
Best Police Force: NYPD.
Best Spooks: National Security Agency.
Best Drink: Diet Coke.
Worst Candidate (so far): John Kerry.
Best Tech Country: India.
Best Allies: Britain and Japan.
Best Tabloidian: Paris Hilton.
Best Comeback: Rush Limbaugh.
Best Lawyer: Roy Black.
Best Hedge Fund: Bayou.