Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And That's All Folks

I decided against publishing the "Worst of 2004" list because....why bother? Donald Trump, Michael Moore and Major Media cover most of that terrain and the rest is tedious.

As for Ellisblog, the time has come to retire it as an "active site." I will use it as a place to post links to articles I write for other publications and journals, but I will no longer "blog" regularly or irregularly. The demands of my real job require a single focus.

For those who inquired about Skype, yes, I think it is a truly disruptive company in the telecom arena (we're investing in the VOIP "space"). I think it forces the "majors" to rethink their business models and not in the abstract.

For those who inquired about Visible World, yes, I think it changes advertising budgets at every major business-to-consumer company.

For those who inquired about Albertson's, I was wrong. Roger Simon, among others, set me straight.

As to my appraisal of Mitt Romney as the GOP's best hope in 2008, no, I do not speak for the "Bush family." I think he's enormously talented and capable and smart. And since Governor Jeb Bush and Vice President Cheney have said they aren't running in 2008, you gotta pick from the remaining cast. I admire Senator McCain, but age and health may preclude his running. So Mitt it is.

Thanks for reading. Best wishes for a great 2005.