Sunday, January 02, 2005

Best and Worst of 2004

Best Player: Mia Hamm. An extraordinary career.
Best Movie: "Million Dollar Baby." At the age of 75, Clint Eastwood triumphs.
Best Advertising Campaign: Apple Computer. True to the brand, fresh.
Best Columnists: Peggy Noonan, George Will. Smart and true.
Best Blogger: Kausfiles. Strange, but true.
Best Political Source: Real Clear Politics. All you needed to know in 2004.
Best Newspaper: The Wall Street Journal. And getting better.
Best Governor: Mitt Romney (R-MA). The GOP's best hope in 2008.
Best Fun Restaurant: Gigi's in Rhinebeck, NY. And the food's good too.
Best Restaurant: The Four Seasons in New York City. Elegant and delicious.
Best Airline: Jet Blue. Begs the question: how hard is it?
Best Automobile Company: Toyota. The greatest automobile company ever.
Best New Advertising Technology: Visible World.
Best New Media: XM Radio. A transformational company and Major League Baseball to boot.
Best P2P Technology: Skype. 42 million downloaders can't be wrong.
Best Business Story: Skype. They started at zero. A year ago.
Best Shoes: Merrells. Indestructable, comfortable.
Best Computer: Apple G5. An amazing machine.
Best Rock Star: Avril Lavigne. Hard rocker, hard worker.
Best Yankee: Derek Jeter. Pinstripe DNA.
Best Magazine: The Economist. No contest.
Best Wings: Robin Hood Restaurant, Hamilton, Bermuda. Who knew?
Best Golf Courses: Shinnecock, Mid-Ocean, Sand Hills, Quaker Ridge, Winged Foot, Carnoustie. Especially Carnoustie.
Best Hotel: Mansion on Turtle Creek. Dallas, Texas. Perfect.
Best Coffee: Dean and DeLuca. House Blend.
Best Bagel: H&H Bagels. Always.
Best Burger: Louie's Lunch, New Haven, CT. Beyond great.
Best New Golf Technology: The Rac-7 Driver, by Taylor. You'll never go back.
Best Golfer: Vijay.
Best Sports Performance: Tie: Roger Federer and Retief Goosen at their respective US Opens.
Best New York Institution: The Public Library.
Best Quarterback: Peyton Manning. Hands down.
Best Iraq Analyst: Bruce Hoffman, Rand Corporation.
Best Grocer: Whole Foods.
Best Customer Service: American Express.
Best TV: HBO.
Best Drug: Advil.
Best Departing Cabinet Member: Colin Powell.
Best New Cabinet Member: Carlos Gutierrez.
Best White House Aide: Andy Card.
Best Political Reporter: Tom Edsall. Disregard the lefty slant.
Best Bookstore: Better and better.
Best Anchorman: Brit Hume. Wry on news.
Best Movie Star: Brad Pitt.
Best Narrative: James Lileks.
Best Political Operative: Ken Mehlman.
Best Democratic Operative: David Boies.
Best IPO: Google. 2x and counting.
Best Entrepreneur: Rick Adam, Adam Aircraft. (We're investors. Sue me.)
Best Book: Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton.
Best Night: Game Seven, ALCS.
Best Day: November 3rd, 2004.
Best of All: The men and women of the United States Military.