Thursday, January 22, 2009

Negativity Rears Its Ugly Head.

Ellisblog!, now firmly devoted to the proposition that positive energy is the only way to go, nevertheless lapses from time to time into negative territory when scanning the web.  For instance, Ellisblog! learned today that Merrill Lynch paid out $15 billion in executive bonuses after taking down $10 billion of TARP money to shore up its dreadful balance sheet.  For instance, Ellisblog! was walking by Citigroup's corporate headquarters on 53rd Street in Manhattan and was amazed to see a river of Town Car limousines idling emissions as their drivers waited for Citi executives to be whisked away.  Citigroup is basically insolvent.  It has sucked down tens of billions of dollars of TARP money (taxpayer money).  Why its executives are riding around in Town Cars is beyond comprehension.