Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Attention Small Business.

Here's the deal: You were managing cash flow off of your Citi Visa Business Card.  You paid 10% interest.  You kept your balance low.  Working this way, you had a line of credit, so to speak, of roughly $30,000.  

Sadly, Citi got in terrible financial trouble because of its recklessness and unbridled greed. Deemed too big to fail, countless small business owners and citizens across the United States were asked by their government to fork over billions of dollars to save Citi from itself. Citi never said "thank you for saving us from ourselves."  

Instead, Citi increased interest rates on credit cards like Citi Visa Business, thus making it harder (if not impossible) for many small businesses to function. Meredith Whitney predicted all this months ago. Now it's happening exactly as she said it would